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‘There is a saying don’t judge a book by its cover and at TwoCan you are never judged’

Morgan has been a member of the TwoCan family for over ten years and joined when she was 12 years old. Initially, Morgan’s family were looking for somewhere for her to spend time in the summer holidays, to meet new people and learn new skills. Morgan attended the first TwoCan summer school, Breaking Barriers, with five other youngsters.

As Morgan spent more time at TwoCan, learning more about herself and her capabilities, she felt that TwoCan really understood her needs. The team challenges her to do things that she might find difficult on her own.

She enjoys performing in community projects, a particular highlight was The Walk, where a 12-foot puppet was used to represent displaced children. The group also performed a poem with sign language in collaboration with the puppeteers.

Learning and developing her skills has also helped grow Morgan’s confidence and independence, helping her continue to grow into a strong young adult.

A charity for people with different abilities, different experiences, and disabilities. If you come to TwoCan you’ll get so many new opportunities and meet new people and make happy memories.