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New friends and new challenges

I joined TwoCan just over a year ago when I was looking for the perfect drama group. I was on the look-out for new activities to get involved in, and I wanted to make some new friends. After taking part in a week of summer school activities, I realised that TwoCan didn’t just provide weekly theatre and drama workshops – there were also sessions that focused on learning about living independently. This was music to my ears; I just kept coming back to take part in more and more activities!

Since becoming a member of TwoCan, I’ve had the opportunity to try a variety of new activities while developing my skills. I’ve made lots of new friends and that has helped me to improve my confidence levels. The TwoCan team understand my needs, and nobody judges me. It’s amazing to be a part of this community.


Opportunities for all

As a wheelchair user, I require more physical help, and the TwoCan team are always on hand to support me. The team listen to me and respect my boundaries, which makes me feel more confident. I also feel safe in the knowledge that I can stay for longer periods of time because my needs are met by the facilities and the team. I’d love to get a job in the arts and theatre industry in the future, and the TwoCan Creative Practitioners and Founders will help to navigate this path. I’m excited to continue to develop my skills and work towards my future goals.


Fun, friendly and fabulous

I love being a member of TwoCan and I’d recommend to anyone looking for opportunities to get involved in inclusive theatre. Everyone is respected and heard by the Creative Practitioners and each other. If I was asked to describe TwoCan in three words, it would be fun, friendly, and fabulous!