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TwoCan Inclusive Theatre Company was established in 2014 when founders, Rebecca Andrews, Nicola Miles-Wildin and Louise Partridge witnessed the frustrations of Deaf, disabled and neurodivergent artists who wanted to work in the arts industry.

Becky and Nickie, who are both disabled and work in the industry, were aware of the barriers facing people with disabilities. Keen to challenge the preconceptions around disability, and alongside Louise, TwoCan’s purpose became clear.

Based in Gloucestershire, TwoCan combats these barriers; creating high quality work, while helping to develop future performers and building a community for artists in the South West.

TwoCan by name,
TwoCan by nature

Although the TwoCan name might suggest inspiration from the colourful bird, this is simply a metaphor to suggest that when we work together, incredible things can happen.

Two heads are better than one, not because either is infallible, but because they are unlikely to go wrong in the same direction.

C.S Lewis

"TwoCan is my happy place."

Youth Theatre member

"My daughter is doing the things that she loves the best and is just seen as one of the crowd, not someone to be specially catered for. This is the real value of TwoCan."

Mother of TwoCan member

A force for change

The stories of theatre making for Nickie, Becky and Louise have all differed. With contrasting experiences of poor access to theatres, and frustrated narratives of exclusion from performances, the three founders understood this from both an artist, and audience member perspective. However they all agree that the underlying problem that the industry is facing continues to be the same: the preconceptions of disability and what people can or are able to achieve.

TwoCan is a company that makes positive change, challenging the inaccessible landscape for Deaf, disabled, neurodivergent and learning-disabled artists and audiences. TwoCan aims to put the disabled narrative centre stage, develop artists and make high quality work that is creatively accessible for audiences.

The TwoCan way

Since becoming a venue-based company, TwoCan has been expanding the opportunities and support it can offer through its education and community strands. As well as working with artists and companies in the South West to develop an accessible arts venue, it has also been expanding its Academy, which is open to all young people aged between 8-25 years old.

Individuals have the chance to develop their creative skills in writing, performing, acting for television, music production and dance. For those over the age of 16, TwoCan has also launched an independence training programme that runs two days a week.


Any donations received are greatly appreciated and help to give young people more opportunities to learn and develop; expanding their artistic and social skills, while encouraging them to flourish within the arts.

What’s on

If you’re looking to show your support, or get involved, why not find out more!