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Here’s some insight into everything we need to do to make our new house, a home!

We’re really pleased to have recently moved into our new residence, a former Methodist church, on Alkerton Road, in Eastington, Stroud. We have big plans to create a unique and accessible venue, where individuals can feel at home and have the chance to develop their skills and feel comfortable to socialise.


Our challenges

With the ongoing issues surrounding theatre accessibility in the UK, and the lack of equality in opportunities for people, we want to create a warm, happy space for our members. With that in mind our only option was to renovate a property, creating a bespoke facility that caters to all of our member’s needs.

We’ve chosen a venue that can be easily accessed from Gloucester, Cheltenham and Bristol – meaning we can provide our support to a wider network of people. Under the planning permission we have submitted we’re hoping to provide educational provisions, artwork display areas and theatre rehearsal and performance space, as well as a new glazed door, disabled access ramps and an additional outbuilding.

The renovation has been broken down into five sections; kitchen redevelopment, toilets/changing area, outside sensory garden, technical studio and performance/rehearsal space.

Let’s talk about the kitchen…

For some, the kitchen is the heart of the home – a hive for chit chat and refreshments and for us, it’s no different. Our kitchen is used by colleagues, our members and their families alike. It’s there to grab a refreshment from, re-heat a meal, or even host our seasonal events. We also use our kitchen for the Journey 2 Independence training programme, for our members to develop their cooking skills.

Unfortunately, the current kitchen is over 50 years old and isn’t functional for what is needed. With a door that isn’t wide enough for a wheelchair and no handwashing facilities at the correct level for many of our members, the kitchen is in need of some work!

We’ll need to re-design and refurbish the space to make it accessible for all, providing counter tops and sinks that are within reach. Our aim is to expand the kitchen and create a space that is comfortable and functional, whether it’s used to make a cup of tea, or a three-course meal. To do this, we’ll need to incorporate thoughtfully positioned appliances, rise and fall countertops and sinks, larger kickboards (to provide ample room for wheelchair footplates), easy to access storage solutions for all and handgrips to benefit the visually impaired.

If you can support us with a donation to help with our kitchen renovation, please click here.


Accessible toilets and changing facilities

It’s vital that our venue provides totally accessible toilet and changing facilities for all of our members. To do this, we must offer a fully inclusive experience for those with more complex needs. This means facilities that are large enough for wheelchair users and can fit up to two carers. We’ll need to provide a standard, accessible toilet, a height adjustable changing bench, an overhead track or mobile hoist, a peninsular toilet and a privacy screen.

These features allow our members to be comfortable in the knowledge that we can cater for all needs.

If you’re able to help us with any of the above, please get in touch.


An outdoor escape for all

At TwoCan, we’d be thrilled to create an outdoor space that would benefit a wide variety of needs and ages. We’d like to produce a sensory garden, with specific plants, hard landscaping and other garden material that encapsulates the senses; touch, taste, sight, sound and smell. This sensory space could have a major impact on our TwoCan community. Our group can take responsibility for different phases of the garden, learning and developing their skills and knowledge.

We plan to include a restful space for those who need time to regulate themselves – an outdoor space dedicated to this can encourage positive emotional responses. Our garden will also be the perfect place for members to improve their independence skills. We will grow fruits and vegetables that can be used in cooking classes, and teach members about nutrition and the benefits of getting outdoors.

For others, our garden is the perfect place to improve their independence skill, growing fruits and vegetables to be used in cooking classes provided in the Journey 2 Independence sessions and allows us to impart vital knowledge about nutrition, our carbon footprint and the benefits of getting outdoors.

The space will also be excellent for connecting with nature, using wildlife watching and gardening for the team’s mental wellbeing. We want our outdoor escape to cater to everyone and bring together those of all ages and abilities.

If you can support with our garden renovation, please get in touch with a member of the team.


Improving our technical studio

We’re looking to move our technical studio during our renovations. The proposed change will expand our technical operating space, adding a lighting desk and other features that would upgrade our performances.

If you’d like to make a donation to this project, please click here.


Our performance space

And, now for the space that pulls everything together, our performance space and rehearsal room. We’re really excited to expand the room, replacing the current dividing walls with folding sections that will give us the opportunity to create larger and smaller spaces. We’d also like to replace the current flooring with underfloor wooden flooring, giving us the chance to offer other activities such as dance and yoga.

If you’re interested in supporting us with renovating our performance space, please contact us.