Peer Reviewer E-Learning Film with Warwickshire County Council

Project Info

Project Description

TwoCan has been assisting Warwickshire County Council during April and May 2018 with an exciting project that required its professional actors and SOSFILMSOUNDPHOTOGRAPHY film productions to make a selection of film clips. These are to be used in the councils Peer Review Programme, helping them to quality assure their social care commissioned services. The Peer Reviewers are volunteers who either receive care or look after someone who has received care. Their role is to carry out visits to providers of social care to understand the quality of care from the customer’s perspective.

Warwickshire County Council wanted TwoCan to help them ensure that their eLearning was engaging and accessible for people with a wide range of abilities. The film clips showed some scenarios that would help the Peer Reviewers to understand the kind of situations that may come across.