Who is TwoCan?

TwoCan Inclusive Theatre Company was created as a result of the frustrations of Rebecca Andrews, Nicola Miles-Wildin and Louise Partridge when trying to produce a piece of theatre that used performers who used wheelchairs.

Many older theatres could not accommodate more than wheelchair user at any one time, either as a performer or audience member, so the company was created to address this huge ‘Elephant’ that appeared to be in most performance venues across Gloucestershire.

Back in 2009 Louise, as Head of Education at the Everyman Theatre Cheltenham, was approached by Nickie and Becky to direct a piece of theatre that would be performed by the pair and tour Gloucestershire’s theatre venues. When embarking on the project, they soon found that fully inclusive work in Gloucestershire was going to be more difficult than first planned. Venues were inaccessible for disabled artists and audiences, health and safety restrictions seemed to work against them and before the Para Olympics, and audiences did not want to see disabled artists on stage. So they decided to come together as a company and encourage positive change.

The Team

Nicola Miles-Wildin

Executive Officer and Perfomer

Louise Partridge

Executive Officer and Artistic Director

Becky Andrews

Executive Officer and Performer