Self Neglect – Forum Theatre with Inclusion Gloucestershire

Project Info

Project Description

TwoCan Theatre Company worked with Inclusion Gloucestershire from November 2017 to April 2018 assisting them as a Dramaturg to create a piece of Forum theatre that acted as a learning tool for anyone who has an interest in Safeguarding from the statutory, voluntary or private sector. The organisations worked in partnership with Gloucestershire County Council Safeguarding Adults Team to identify key learning messages that highlighted:

  • That safeguarding is everyone’s business
  • There should be an approach that is based on trust and building up of relationships
  • The need to apply professional persistence
  • The need to assess capacity regularly checking ability to understand the consequences of a decision (decisional capacity), as well as ability to execute the decision (executional capacity) and communicate their decision
  • The need to keep the person’s wishes at the centre of the process rather than doing things to them in the guise of ‘best interests’

TwoCan created the piece of Forum theatre with the expertise of Inclusion Gloucestershire actors that had lived experiences and very much enjoyed using this interactive theatre that allowed the audiences to stop the action and suggest ways to change things to create better outcomes for the main character. The production was performed 7 times at various Safeguarding roadshows across the county and was seen by over 100 people.