Unity Festival Summer 2017

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Two Can Touan Flies Again at Unity Festival

June 30th – July 2nd 2017

Hijinx is a welsh professional theatre company, touring inclusive theatre across UK and Europe. Effortlessly talented performers, with or without learning disabilities are at the heart of every show they produce.

Unity is a five-day festival run by Hijinx showcasing some of the best inclusive and disability arts from around the world. TwoCan Theatre Company was thrilled to be invited to take their children’s performance ‘Two Can Toucan’ by David McKee to this years festival in North Wales. They really enjoyed showing their work to a wider audience and be amongst other performances from French Circus to Spanish Flamenco.

The original cast members Chloe Phillips, Megan Brookes and Jon Kidd came back together for the event and Nickie Miles-Wildin redirected it, managing to take time out of rehearsals from Tommy produced by Ramps on the moon; a critical movement striving for a step change in the inclusion and integration of Deaf and disabled individuals in the UK theatre sector.